Growth Plan – Land Needs Assessment

The Growth Plan requires that municipalities use a common provincial methodology for calculating the amount of land that they will need for future development. This calculation is known as a Land Needs Assessment. This methodology for Land Needs Assessment (LNA) is part of a broader growth management framework that looks at the local needs for long-term housing and employment-related uses. A standard methodology for LNA was released in May 2018. However, the recent policy changes have resulted in a need to review the methodology to ensure it reflects the priorities of the current provincial government and aligns with the policies in the updated Growth Plan – A Place to Grow, 2019.

During October, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing held technical workshops to develop solutions and to move forward quickly given the methodology is a key component of municipal comprehensive review exercises. With respect to improving the LNA Methodology, OHBA submitted recommendations on October 22nd. OHBA participated in an additional consultation in December. The LNA methodology is anticipated to be finalized early in the new year.