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burlington ontarioOnce you’ve gained membership to the WE HBA , you’ll be able to display our logo at your place of business. Savvy customers actively seek out the WE HBA logo, as it represents your commitment to delivering the highest level of service while bettering the home construction, land development and renovation industries. 

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∗ Your Voice in our Industry 

Since 1942, the West End Home Builders’Association (WE HBA) has been advocating for the interests of our industry. As a group, we provide an effective voice for the land development, home building and renovation industries, as well as for new home buyers. We are actively engaged in working to ensure our members’ interests are represented at all three levels of government and we advocate on behalf of consumers for choice, affordability and sufficient supply.

∗ Marketing Benefits & Industry Recognition

Your WE HBA membership identifies you as an industry professional and is a mark of professional distinction. It speaks volumes for the quality and level of your services or product and inspires trust and confidence with clients and consumers. WE HBA gives you the opportunity not only to promote your business through the Association’s print and digital marketing platforms, but also gain official recognition through the Awards of Distinction, which showcase the highest levels of achievement in design, construction, technology, promotion and marketing.

∗ Professional Development

The WE HBA offers our members a wide variety of educational materials and news sources. Through a range of seminars, education forums and training programs, our members are able to develop their skills and stay up to date with the latest information on business practices, innovative systems and products. In addition, through various online news platforms and print publications, WE HBA members have the opportunity to stay well informed with the latest industry and business news and are able to use this knowledge to manage their businesses and operate profitably.

∗ Developing Strong Connections & Strong Businesses 

By being a WE HBA member you open the door to new business opportunities. Through dinner meetings, seminars, social & professional events and other activities, you have the opportunity to network with other businesses locally, provincially and nationally. Our members can also make meaningful connections and work with people from different areas of the industry by joining a Committee or a Council. At all three levels, our Association gives our members the opportunity to get informed and make valuable business contacts through a range of conferences and seminars.

∗ Ontario HBA & Canadian HBA

All WE HBA members are also members of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and they benefit from services and activities at all levels. OHBA deals with a range of legislation and regulations that affect our industry and promotes professional recognition for all our members through Awards, events and conferences. CHBA , advocates the interests of the industry, creates alliances to promote solutions, develops publications and consumer material and brings all the members together at the annual CHBA conferences.

∗ Builder & Developer Members

By joining WE HBA, you are joining a group of the area’s leading home and condominium builders who are committed to exchanging information and experience, and to supporting each other in their businesses. Our members belong to an exclusive business network of builders, suppliers, trade contractors and service professionals. Your membership builds confidence with your clients and the consumers and gives you access to a full slate of services that give you the chance to have a voice heard by the government, stay informed and build recognition with consumers.

∗ Renovator Members

By joining WE HBA, our renovator members can apply to become Renomark Renovators, an attribute that translates to renovation excellence and quality of services and separates trusted professionals from part-timers and underground contractors. The Renovators Mark of Excellence identifies professional contractors who have agreed to abide by a renovation-specific Code of Conduct and provide a superior level of service. Renomark renovators are highly trusted, recommended and preferred by the consumers as they commit to successful, high-quality, renovations.

∗ Associate Members

Our associate members include trade contactors, manufacturers, suppliers, financial institutions & morgage insurers, warranty providers, housing agencies, as well as service and professional companies. Our members have the opportunity to make strong connections with industry leaders, build successful business relationships and get professional recognition within the industry. Our Association also gives our members access to a wide range of services and information that helps them manage their business, improve their skills and build a profitable, successful future.