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dpai is a value-based company



the dpai team at a 2019 retreat, visiting Fallingwater.


“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”
– Robert L. Peters, Canadian graphic designer and educator

As soon as two or more individuals collaborate toward a common goal, a company culture is established. If neglected, this culture will take on a life of its own and develop organically – for better or for worse.

The most successful companies are acutely aware of this fact and spend a great deal of time and resources on understanding, creating and maintaining a positive work culture. It is the ether, the oxygen, that forms the context in which all company activity occurs. It shapes the way employees perceive their workplace, their performance, and ultimately the success of the company.


dpai office, 25 Main St. W, Hamilton, ON


dpai is a values-driven company. The firm dedicated months to establishing their values and revise to meet the needs of their office and the architectural landscape. These values are often referred to as their touchstone for decision making, promotion, conflict resolution, or virtually any activity or process that the firm undertakes. Clear values allow the team to better communicate with one another, their clients and the public in general.

“When we remain true to our values, we are able to create thoughtful spaces, produce better buildings and achieve more fulfilling communities. Today, as designers, we have the ability to radically  change the world, and specifically the built environment, for the better.” says dpai Principal & CEO David Premi.

The company ‘s strong culture and clear values allow them to have a clear path forward, to do just that.


dpai office, 25 Main St. W, Hamilton, ON


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