LJM Developments is an award-winning, real estate development and investment company, based in Burlington, ON. The company name is made up of the founder’s initials, Mr. Liaquat Javaid Mian, a Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience in finance and project management.


LJM Developments’ core focus is to invest, develop and manage commercial and residential properties in the US and Canada. Since opening in 2001, the company has celebrated a successful history of developing bespoke architectural designs for its residential and commercial developments, like a) the Ironstone – an  eco-friendly, high-rise building in Burlington, b) the Waterview Condominiums in Grimsby, which is the town’s first condominium development built with concrete or, c)  King’s Park in Stoney Creek, a condominium development inspired by the latest architectural trends in urban mid-rises; the building incorporates a three-storey-high, living, breathing, exterior green wall, that blends perfectly with the parks and the landscape of the neighbourhood. 


Unique architecture, modern design and green features are integral parts of every LJM Development.  The company is and aims to remain a boutique builder with carefully chosen projects in towns and cities where they can make a substantial and positive impact on the municipal economy and the lifestyle of the residents.  LJM Developments always seek to develop environmentally friendly, “green” projects and they aim to work closely with the local communities to enhance economic activity. “Disciplined cost control and a relentless promise to quality are the core tenets of LJM in every project. “

As a values-driven, community-oriented company, to date, LJM Developments has given back to various municipalities with over $20 million dollars in construction and planning. Most recently LJM Developments announced that the company will donate a condo unit in the next phase of the Waterview Condominiums project to Habitat for Humanity Niagara; this has allegedly been the first time Habitat of Niagara has had a new condominium development donated to them.

 This Summer, LJM Developments are launching their next condo project in Hamilton, The LJM Towers: a contemporary condominium building with modern spacious suites, located at an ideal location for commuters and urban life enthusiasts.


If you have any questions about LJM Developments or if you are interested in learning more about the company, you can contact LJM Developments’ Sales & Marketing Manager, Phuong Nguyen, at 289-245-1900 x. 1007 or via email at