Maintemp Heating and Air Conditioning was founded in 1989 by owner Marc Traina, when he was just in his late teens. The company provides heating, cooling and indoor air quality solutions for both  homeowners and builders. The Maintemp Team also works closely with architects, to provide well planned, effective and efficient air distribution systems, keeping the end user in consideration in all facets of the installation. Maintemp is always very considerate of their clients’ homes and lives. Although the Maintemp team is able to find solutions to the most complex problems, they are always able to explain the process to their clients is a clear , comprehensive way, without the use of industry jargon.


All Maintemp employees take pride in conducting themselves in a professional manner and the company’s primary goal is to provide efficient, long-lasting solutions. Maintemp Heating and Air Conditioning adheres to all environmental trade protocols and environmental stewardship is a key value.

Maintemp have been a HHHBA member since 2013. Their word of business advice to the rest of the HHHBA Members is that ” Lasting relationships are built on teamwork, attitude and integrity”. 

For more information you can visit the company’s website at or get in touch with the Maintemp General Manager, Brooke MacLaren at or at 905 681 1515.