Why it pays to be a West End HBA member, from West End HBA members

West End Home Builders’ Association members enjoy access to resources, advocacy and advantages which non-members simply don’t have.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what actual members have to say about why they love being a part of the WE HBA.

The Metroland Media group has been members of the HHHBA for over a decade.  During this time I have had the benefit of meeting business owners, builders and developers from all over southern Ontario.  As a volunteer I have been able to educate myself, on an ever changing industry that affects the Canadian dream of home ownership.  Not only has it been enlightening but it has been extremely rewarding.  When you network in any industry, and it creates opportunities to growth your business.  It creates opportunity to make many friends.  It creates opportunity to excel.  My involvement on various committees, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Board has proved to be very rewarding and proof that you can build trust and relationships and have fun doing so.  I have grown our business in leaps and bounds and worked to adapt our business to many changes over the years.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this without being tuned into the HHHBA and its members.  Thank you for teaching us and thank you for mentoring me.


Allan Roshko
2015 HHHBA President, Metroland Media Group

We incorporated in 1994 and joined the HHHBA immediately thereafter.  I am a past president of the Association and find great value for both myself personally and our company in our membership.  We enjoy the camaraderie of knowing our other fellow builders in our industry, as well as meeting valued suppliers and trades through this association.I would strongly recommend anybody who has an interest in this industry joining the association, being involved, helping the industry grow, and join the group of people who are firmly committed to ensuring the long term success of home building and condominium building throughout southern Ontario.


Jeff Paikin
2003 HHHBA President, President of New Horizon Development Corporation

I’ve been asked to talk a little bit about and express some feelings about HHHBA.  I’m currently sitting in the board room and as I sit in the board room there are pictures of past presidents’ on the walls dating back to the start of the association 50 or 60 years ago.I look back at when I first got involved in the association in the mid 80’s and at that time, I asked one of the presidents “How do I get involved?”, “What is the best venue for me to be involved?”, “What is the best avenue to get connected to the Association?”  The comment was “You will get out of it what you put into it” and I would absolutely agree that that is exactly what happens.

Being a past president I obviously went through the ranks, sat on committees, sat in meetings, understood what our industry has done and what our industry is doing and it enables myself to be part of the largest employer of people in Hamilton, being the construction industry.

The reason for getting involved is to support the builders:  it’s called the Home Builders’ Association. The builders are the people that put up the houses, but as a supplier we need to support the builders in what they do and the efforts that they are doing and making and developing the communities in the area.

With that I would suggest that anyone who is interested, please contact anyone within the HHHBA and there is benefits and the biggest benefit is to be part of the amazing industry we all create.


Fred Toy
2004 HHHBA President, Turkstra Lumber