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Sponsors and Business references must be members of any local HBA.
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    Upon membership acceptance, a HHHBA Representative will contact you to arrange payment for the membership fees outlined below.
    Fees HST Total
    BUILDER/DEVELOPER2 $1,785.00 $232.05 $2017.05
    RENOVATOR $1,275.00 $165.75 $1,440.75
    ASSOCIATE $1,275.00 $165.75 $1,440.75
    YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR3 $1045.00 $135.85 $1,180.85
    2 Builder/developer members are required to pay into a mandatory Consumer Protection Fund. This fund is used for advocacy on behalf of our members. This fee is not included in the above membership fee. The total fee is based on a fee table linked to the average units built and developed based on a 3 year average. The total CPF fee varies according to each unit sold/developed bracket as per the detailed table in the membership application document.
    3 The Youth/Entrepreneur rate is available to all non-builder member entrepreneurs who wish to join the association, who are under 35 years of age, have been in business for themselves for less than five years. This introductory rate is available for the first two years’ of membership, after which time the member will revert to a full Renovator or Associate member.


    As a member of this Association we solemnly promise and subscribe to uphold the following Code of Ethics:

    A. Members of the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association believe and affirm that:
    1. Home ownership by Canadian families shall be encouraged.
    2. Canadian homes shall be well designed, well constructed, and well located in attractive communities, with educational, recreational, religious, and shopping facilities accessible to all.
    3. Canadian homes shall be built under the free enterprise system.
    B. To achieve these goals I/We pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies:
    1. Our paramount responsibility shall be to our customers, our community, and our country, and we will, at all times, follow good building practices.
    2. Honesty is our guiding business policy and no member shall perform or cause to be performed any act which would tend to reflect unfavourably upon himself, another member, or upon the industry.
    3. High standards of health, safety, and sanitation shall be built into every home.
    4. The right to a fair return for goods and services shall be held and protected in our relations with labour and all other segments of the industry.
    5. As members of a progressive industry, we encourage research to develop new materials, new building techniques, new building equipment and improved methods of home financing to the end that every home purchaser may get the greatest value possible for every dollar of investment.
    6. All sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the people we serve shall have our informed and vigorous support.
    7. We assume the obligation of co-operation with one another within the framework of competitive free enterprise.
    We assume these responsibilities freely and are solemnly mindful that they are part of our obligations as members of the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association and as members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.
It is the mandate of the Canadian Home Builders' Association at all levels, local, provincial and national to provide information, promote membership and foster communication, e.g., catalogues of Members, Internet information, new products and services etc. The Applicant hereby consents to the use of the information in this Application for such purposes (banking and credit card information excepted) by all levels of the CHBA. This application is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.