West End Home Builders’ Association Supports the Government’s Decision to Resume all Construction in Ontario

Hamilton, May 14, 2020 — The West End Home Builders’ Association and the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) applaud the Government of Ontario’s decision to permit all construction activities under the COVID-19 Emergency Orders. The reactivation of construction activities will allow the Industry to meet the housing, commercial building and renovation needs of Hamilton, Halton and Ontario.  

“We are still focused on the safety of jobsites, workers and clients. Getting our Industry safely back to work means we can get back to providing the housing supply and choice our community needs, from renovations to new home builds, to adding new commercial workspace in the Hamilton and Halton areas,” said Robert Molinaro, WE HBA President.

Today’s decision allows for the full resumption of residential and non-residential construction and planned renovations on Tuesday May 19, 2020 including the restrictions on new home renovations.

As always, the industry will ensure that work is carried out in compliance with the Ministry of Labour’s Guidelines for Construction Site Health and Safety during COVID-19. West End HBA and OHBA continue to support the critical role of the Ministry of Labour inspectors. The Industry continues to support the closure of any jobsites that do not meet or exceed these requirements.

“We all want safe jobsites. The health and safety of colleagues, employees, tradespeople and clients continues to be the Industry’s number one priority as the Industry continues to make enhancements to the COVID-19 health and safety protocols,” said Joe Vaccaro, CEO, OHBA. “The Provincial Government continues to take a measured approach in response to this crisis. The reactivation of construction and renovations for both residential and non-residential means the industry can work through the short Canadian construction season and deliver the keys to businesses waiting for their new work spaces and thousands of families waiting for the keys to their new or renovated homes.“ 


Full News Release:  https://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2020/05/ontario-announces-additional-workplaces-that-can-reopen.html  

A Framework for Reopening the Province: https://files.ontario.ca/mof-framework-reopening-province-stage-1-en-2020-05-14.pdf?_ga=2.69189778.2006177927.1589477797-500872388.1575643750

Sector Specific workplace guidelines: https://www.ontario.ca/page/resources-prevent-covid-19-workplace?_ga=2.81257492.2006177927.1589477797-500872388.1575643750

Workplace PPE supply directory: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/how-your-organization-can-help-fight-coronavirus/#find-ppe