Hamilton Halton Homebuilders’ Association Press Release

Hamilton Halton Homebuilders’ Association Announces New Name

WE HBA – West End Home Builders’ Association

On Thursday February 13th the Hamilton Halton Homebuilders’ Association (HHHBA) officially launched its new brand. At the Association’s Annual Industry Luncheon, CEO Suzanne Mammel announced that the new name of the Association is ‘West End Homebuilders’ Association’ (WE HBA).

“In keeping with our strategic plan to focus on growth and bringing value to our increasingly diverse membership and their locations throughout our geography, our new name better represents the wide variety of our members and the inclusivity we wish to embrace. We are thrilled that our new name, West End (WE) HBA truly showcases these principles. “ says Suzanne Mammel, WE HBA CEO.

The Home Building Industry is one that feeds and lives on a remarkably wide range of business sectors. The Association’s broad diversity of membership and the impact each sector has on the Industry’s success, inspired the Association’s Leadership to look back on the very essence of the organization as an entity and identify what is the best way to describe what the Industry does; consider whether the current name reflects the Association’s present and future mission and whether the current brand represents the diversity in geography and in members.

The new name, West End HBA, reflects the inclusiveness and strong collaboration of the industry’s diverse membership and its power to create benefit for numerous sectors of the economy. The Association’s membership is extremely far-reaching, and the new emphasis on ‘WE’ connotes the strong collaboration of the Industry, it recognizes all the various trades, services, and other intermediaries that come together to make the Home Building Industry possible. We build. But we also design, we engineer, and we create. We landscape and paint and market and litigate. We educate and we volunteer. From development contractors and the construction trades to the legal and financial series who make what they do possible. From marketing and advertising to zoning and land surveying, from architecture to landscaping, from interior design to real estate, there is almost no sector of the economy that this Industry does not touch.

The new West End Home Builders’ Association (WE HBA) is excited to continue servicing and supporting the Industry businesses throughout Southern Ontario, bringing economic benefit to communities, increasing industry membership, and helping to build the future together.

For more information about the name change for the Hamilton Halton Homebuilders’ Association or the new WE HBA brand, please contact:

Elena Balaska
elena@hhhba.ca | 905-575-3344 ext. 2