Creating local jobs and contributing to the economy

The residential construction industry in Hamilton-Halton is a major economic driver and is responsible for creating more than 45,000 jobs.

In addition, home builders operating in Hamilton and Halton areas contribute substantially to federal, provincial and municipal tax bases, while pouring money back into the local economy.

Providing leadership for home building professionals in Hamilton & Burlington

The West End Home Builders’ Association has been the voice of the local residential construction industry for 80 years, working as advocates and resources for over 300 members representing all facets of new home construction:

  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Tradespeople
  • External suppliers
  • Renovators & contractors
  • New home buyers


WE HBA was formed in 1942, three years before the end of World War II. However it really came into prominence at the conclusion of the conflict.

After World War II, new home growth in the Hamilton-Halton region exploded as many families settled in the area.

The Post World War II baby boom also contributed to the rising number of new houses being built in Hamilton.

This incredible increase in new home construction facilitated the need for a professional association that would establish high standards for new home building while looking to promote and advance the industry in the eyes of local citizens, businesses and governments.

Today’s WE HBA

Today, our association places great emphasis on advocacy and making sure the voices and concerns of our members and our customers to deliver new home construction that’s:

  • Affordable: New homes which are cost-effective in terms of construction and purchasing
  • Available: Ensuring new homes are available to serve the needs of Hamilton-Halton
  • Accessible: Anyone interested in a new home is given the opportunity to build and own one

Join our Association

For 80 years, the strength of WE HBA has been found in our membership, which is constantly growing every year.

And as the needs, concerns and challenges of home building professionals in the area evolve, WE HBA evolves with them to ensure that our voice is heard by those who need to hear it.

Be a part of a networked community that’s over 300 members strong, that has 80 years of history behind it and with an eye towards the future of new home building in Hamilton-Halton.

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