The West End Home Builders’ Association (WE HBA) welcomes Andrea Horwath as Hamilton’s next Mayor! WE HBA appreciates Andrea’s strong focus on housing as part of her campaign and is grateful for the time she took to meet with our members and leadership team during the campaign. On behalf of our 300 member companies representing over 20,000 people in the residential construction sector, we are looking forward to collaborating with the City and Council on Mayor Horwath’s Action For Housing Plan.
From our WE HBA President, Bianca Bruzzese, “our membership appreciates Andrea’s focus on increasing housing supply in Hamilton to bring market costs down so that people can afford to work and live here in Hamilton”. WE HBA CEO Mike Collins-Williams also shared that “the residential construction industry is looking forward to helping our new Mayor with the establishment of a department to streamline the process of housing development here in Hamilton. The implementation of the anticipated online tracking system will allow individuals and organizations to easily monitor their progress and find ways to avoid municipal delays”.
The West End Home Builders’ Association is eager to start working with our new Mayor and Council to significantly increase housing supply and make Hamilton a welcoming, inclusive City that can offer housing of all types and tenures.