By Rick Haws

President & Co-Founder



The most powerful sales tool is one that can do far more than sales; one that can market for you, visualize the product with perfect clarity, and make completing a transaction a breeze for everyone involved. Expansive integration capabilities that streamline operations is one of the most important keys to achieving this type of success, elevating the pre-construction real estate buying and selling experience.

As a builder, you might find that today all your software tools operate in silos and the different partners you work with have to manage autonomously and feed back to you – from your transaction software, ERP services, 3D rendering & marketing partners, accounting platform, legal services, CRM, and even your own website; what if they could all live in harmony to create a smooth process on both the front and back-end?

To save time and headaches, consider every opportunity for accuracy and efficiency. For example, at SaleFish, we’re looking at what services most all builders want and need and are ensuring a free flow of data between SaleFish and those services. LawyerDoneDeal (LDD) is a web-based productivity tool for legal service providers, simplifying legal filings for property purchases. You may not realize it, but all the lawyers you work with as a builder rely on this type of tool to automate closings. What if you could digitize all legal documents to live in one system with improved productivity, distributing copies and more importantly data to all pertinent parties during the process and upon completion? Without this technology, it would often take legal offices days – or even weeks – to manually track deposits coming in and out on spreadsheets. Not only is this excessively time-consuming, but it’s less accurate and there are more opportunities for human error. These are the solutions you need to explore to help save considerable amounts of time and money.

Strong third-party integrations can also revolutionize the selling process. With the right software, it is now possible to integrate 3D interactive partners, which brings a pre-construction project alive on screen in front of a potential buyer’s eyes – whether remote or in-person. As a case study, SaleFish integrated with 3D Cityscapes on a project called The Moderne by Spallacci Homes and Valery Homes. Through the partnership, 3D CityScapes has taken its immersive, interactive platform and directly integrated SaleFish’s secure transaction workflow. Potential buyers were able to virtually walk-through suites and amenities to truly get a sense of what it would be like to live there, even though the project has not started construction. The process of exploring, shopping, and buying becomes completely frictionless.

Sales teams have also found it extremely effective to integrate directly into a project’s website portals and digital brochures. In 2020, SaleFish partnered with Coolaid Studios, a marketing company also owned by The Plus Group, to build a digital experience for Cachet Group’s ParQ project in Brantford. This took potential buyers on an experiential journey as they scrolled through the story of the project on the ParQ digital brochure, seamlessly showcasing top project features. As an important touchpoint, SaleFish added clickable site plans to browse specific townhomes in more detail. Simultaneously, Cachet also used SaleFish to power an entire online sales platform so agents could process transactions remotely. The project sold out in only four days!

With a collaborative spirit and the offering of streamlined services, you can guarantee an elevated user experience for both the buyer and seller. The combined technology molds into a consistent look and feel within your project’s platform for an intuitive journey. As a builder, you can rest easy knowing you are bringing together all your vendors to create optimal buying experiences. Sales will not only be coming in faster but can also be processed quickly, more accurately, and more securely than ever before.

Rick Haws is President & Co-Founder of SaleFish, a cloud-based sales solution provider in the real estate industry. SaleFish’s proven platform improves real estate sales efficiency by 75% and has completed more than 250,000 transactions with 1.5 million users valued at over $100 billion. With its head office based in Toronto, SaleFish is also the only company in the real estate industry to be certified by  CyberSecure Canada. SaleFish is scaling up on a global level, recently expanding into Australia, Turkey and the Middle East. Around the world, they are enabling real estate professionals to transact digital documents with e-signatures, ID scanning and identity verification to complete a sales agreement in as little as four minutes, while also allowing sales people to transact sales to buyers from the comfort of their own home.

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