Join the West End HBA

Since 1942, West End Home Builders’Association (WE HBA) has been advocating for the interests of our industry. As a group, we provide an effective voice for the land development, home building and renovation industries, as well as for new home buyers. We are actively engaged in working to ensure our members’ interests are represented at all three levels of government and we advocate on behalf of consumers for choice, affordability and sufficient supply. Discover the VALUE in a WE HBA Membership. 




As a member of the West End Home Builders’ Association, you’ll be part of a collaborative group of:

All members of the WE HBA are committed to sharing information and experience to help their business, your business and the home construction industry in Hamilton-Halton grow and thrive.

Automatic entry into additional associations

Your WE HBA membership automatically makes you a member of the:

  • Ontario Home Builders Association: The voice of the residential building industry in the province of Ontario
  • Canadian Home Builders Association: Providing a voice and a vision of a strong and positive role for the new home building industry in Canada

Application & Approval Process

Upholding WE HBA members to the highest standards

Only businesses which are committed to delivering the highest quality of products and services to new home buyers are permitted to join the Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association.

The WE HBA application and approval process ensures that our members maintain the tradition and legacy that the WE HBA has built since 1942.

1. Fill out the HHHBA membership application

The WE HBA membership package lets you fill out all relevant information regarding your businesses while explaining the WE HBA code of ethics and responsibilities as an WE HBA member.

2. Select your level of membership

Generally, companies join the Association, and as a company membership, any/all employees/representatives can benefit from the membership for the same annual  fee.   Alternatively, an individual can join in any of the same categories.  

There are four categories to choose from:

2020 Fees

  Fees HST Total
BUILDER/DEVELOPER* $1,785.00 $232.05 $2017.05 *
RENOVATOR $1,275.00 $165.75 $1,440.75
ASSOCIATE $1,275.00 $165.75 $1,440.75
YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR** $1045.00 $135.85 $1,180.85 *

* Builder/developer members are required to pay into a mandatory Consumer Protection Fund.  This fund is used for advocacy on behalf of our members.  The total fee is based on a fee table linked to the average units built and developed based on a 3 year average.  The total CPF fee varies according to each unit sold/developed bracket as per the detailed table in the membership application document. which is a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $10,000.00

** The Youth/Entrepreneur rate is available to all non-builder member entrepreneurs who wish to join the association, who are under 35 years of age, have been in business for themselves for less than five years.  This introductory rate is available for the first two years’ of membership, after which time the member will revert to a full Renovator or Associate member.

3. Application review and approval

Your WE HBA membership application is reviewed and approved by the WE HBA board.

Prior you admission to the WE HBA, you’ll be required to:

  • Provide an application sponsor (a member of the OHBA or CHBA)
  • Provide two business references (a member of the OHBA or CHBA)
  • Provide a New Home Warranty Number (builder members only)
  • Agree to uphold the WE HBA Code of Ethics